Great Links

Here are some links to some cool shizzle:

Last Nights Love

This is what I had for dinner last night. Warm vegetable salad with Maori purple potatoes from Otago. Delicious!

Save the Kiwi by design

I recently entered a competition to help save Kiwi's near the Coromandel. Feel free to vote for me here:

That would be most lovely of you.

Esquire 1967

Christchurch Dinner

I cooked this dinner for my family while I was down south. Fritata, honey soy chicken salad and a roasted carrot salad using veges from my brother and sister's vege patch. I used courgette flowers for the first time ever. They were delicious and made the salad look awes.

Fabulous Arabia... it's damn good.


Party Time

I designed this invitation for my parents 40th wedding anniversary party. Fun times!


Less is more.

Memory Lane

Here are a couple of articles about me from my design school days. The haircut is pretty great in the one above.