Lawrence Arabia strikes again

Another Lawrence Arabia poster to add to my collection.

Award winning me!

So, Ken Clark (the photographer) and I won this New Zealand Music Award (Tui) for best album artwork for Liam Finn - The Nihilist. Very yay.

GIF time

I still like making gifs. This is my latest one for The Phoenix Foundation.

Rancho Drive

Rancho Drive, Ventura CA

Dirty Plates

I'm a little obessed with making gifs at the moment...

Berlin Building

Apartment block in Berlin.

Cologne Cathedral

I am currently hanging around Europe. Today i went to see Cologne Cathedral. It is the most spectacular Cathedral I have ever seen.


The Chills

I was sifting through some old work and found this Chills poster I designed years ago. Obviously based on their album Submarine Bells. I remember using old wallpaper as a texture for the jellyfish.

Fab Arab